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Elizabeth Gurley Flynn Biography

Occupation:  orator; labor organizer, IWW organizer; socialist, communist; feminist; ACLU founder; first woman to head the American Communist Party Dates:  August 7, 1890 - September 5, 1964 Also Known as:  Rebel Girl of Joe Hills song Quotable Quotes: Elizabeth Gurley Flynn Quotes Early Life Elizabeth Gurley Flynn was born in 1890 in Concord, New Hampshire. She was born into a radical, activist, working-class intellectual family: her father was a socialist and her mother a feminist and Irish nationalist. The family moved to the South Bronx ten years later, and Elizabeth Gurley Flynn attended public school there. Socialism and the IWW Elizabeth Gurley Flynn became active in socialist groups and gave her first public speech when she was 15, on Women under Socialism. She also began making speeches for the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW, or Wobblies) and was expelled from high school in 1907. She then became a full-time organizer for the IWW. In 1908, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn married a miner she met while traveling for the IWW, Jack Jones. Their first child, born in 1909, died shortly after birth; their son, Fred, was born the next year. But Flynn and Jones had already separated. They divorced in 1920. In the meantime, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn continued to travel in her work for the IWW, while her son often stayed with her mother and sister. Italian anarchist Carlo Tresca moved into the Flynn household as well; Elizabeth Gurley Flynn and Carlo Trescas affair lasted until 1925. Civil Liberties Before World War I, Flynn was involved in the cause of free speech for IWW speakers, and then in organizing strikes, including those of textile workers in Lawrence, Massachusetts, and Paterson, New Jersey. She was also outspoken on womens rights including birth control, and joined the Heterodoxy Club. When World War I started, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn and other IWW leaders opposed the war. Flynn, like many other war opponents at that time, was charged with espionage. The charges were eventually dropped, and Flynn picked up the cause of defending immigrants who were being threatened with deportation for opposing the war. Among those she defended were  Emma Goldman  and Marie Equi. In 1920, Elizabeth Gurley Flynns concern for these basic civil liberties, especially for immigrants, led her to help found the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). She was elected to the groups national board. Elizabeth Gurley Flynn was active in raising support and money for Sacco and Vanzetti, and she was active in trying to free labor organizers Thomas J. Mooney and Warren K. Billings. From 1927 to 1930 Flynn chaired the International Labor Defense. Withdrawal, Return, Expulsion Elizabeth Gurley Flynn was forced out of activism not by government action, but by ill health, as heat disease weakened her. She lived in Portland, Oregon, with Dr. Marie Equi, also of the IWW and a supporter of the birth control movement. She remained a member of the ACLU board during these years. Elizabeth Gurley Flynn returned to public life after some years, joining the American Communist Party in 1936. In 1939, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn was re-elected to the ACLU board, having informed them of her membership in the Communist Party before the election. But, with the Hitler-Stalin pact, the ACLU took a position expelling supporters of any totalitarian government, and expelled Elizabeth Gurley Flynn and other Communist Party members from the organization. In 1941, Flynn was elected to the Communist Partys Central Committee, and the next year she ran for Congress, stressing womens issues. World War II and Aftermath During World War II, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn advocated womens economic equality and supported the war effort, even working for Franklin D. Roosevelts reelection in 1944. After the war ended, as anti-communist sentiment grew, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn again found herself defending free speech rights for radicals. In 1951, Flynn and others were arrested for conspiracy to overthrown the United States government, under the Smith Act of 1940. She was convicted in 1953 and served her prison term in Alderson Prison, West Virginia, from January 1955 to May 1957. Out of prison, she returned to political work. In 1961, she was elected National Chairman of the Communist Party, making her the first woman to head that organization. She remained chairman of the party until her death. For a long time a critic of the USSR and its interference in the American Communist Party, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn traveled to the USSR and Eastern Europe for the first time. She was working on her autobiography. While in Moscow, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn was stricken ill, her heart failing, and she died there. She was given a state funeral in Red Square. Legacy In 1976, the ACLU restored Flynns membership posthumously. Joe Hill write the song Rebel Girl in honor of Elizabeth Gurley Flynn. By Elizabeth Gurley Flynn: Women in the War. 1942. Womens Place in the Fight for a Better World. 1947. I Speak My Own Piece: Autobiography of the Rebel Girl. 1955. The Rebel Girl: An Autobiography: My First Life (1906-1926). 1973.

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Tips to Writing an Essay Fundamentals Explained

<h1>Tips to Writing an Essay Fundamentals Explained </h1> <h2>The 30-Second Trick for Tips to Writing an Essay </h2> <p>How to make an article Writing an exposition isn't clear. Regardless, it has keen procedures about how to make an article and the best approach to have it composed. There are a great deal of approaches to create an article. Composing an exposition probably won't be simple. </p> <p>It is a reality that many exposition essayists work from their property. An extra method to take a shot at your interpretive exposition is to deliver particular bunches in which you may chip away at your article's points. A shoddy article can prompt a heavenly understudy to get dismissed. </p> <h2>A Secret Weapon for Tips to Writing an Essay </h2> <p>Ultimately, in any case, recall that astounding composing doesn't occur unintentionally. Surf the Net and you'll find a few errands that help build up the specialty of composing a theme sentence. Enjoy the technique for portraying the subjectit might be a compensating experience. Composing an exposition resembles a military activity since it requires a lot of arranging toward the beginning and staying on course all through the whole procedure. </p> <p>If you ace paper composing, you'll likewise be able to dissect your life and comprehend an assortment of circumstances effectively. Ideally, you could discover two or three hints that you accept can assist you with improving your article composing capacities. The acquaintance should with start with a general conversation of your subject and result in a quite certain 2004-2015 essayinfocom exposition composing aides and proposals. Remember your expository article ought to contain ideas concerning the issue underneath your thought. </p> <h2>A Secret Weapon for Tips to Writing an Essay </h2> <p>Its head distinction from various expositions type is that the basic one is intended for examining the subject utilizing bunches of standards. On the off chance that the citation you need to utilize is longer than four lines, you must organize it in another square. A blueprint is a sort of arranging your composition. Longer sentences might be utilized to offer additional points of interest and present a progressively intense portrayal. </p> <p>If you comprehend what you are expounding on or have picke d the theme yourself, you need to do a tad of research. Get your work done on the subject of your article, while it is a piece of writing or an event. At the point when you create the paper, you need to pick a solitary side to focus on. Different sorts of papers need different sorts of research. </p> <p>You see, the shows of English articles are to some degree more equation based than you may might suspect and, from multiple points of view, it tends to be as simple as checking to five. Composing a convincing article is a staggeringly significant aptitude that makes certain to help you in your life. At the point when you're composing, endeavor to forestall utilizing exactly the same words and expressions again and again. The words you choose to expound on as your themes must be unpredictable and theoretical. </p> <p>In truth, all you need to write to create your article fruitful is just 6 in number sentences. At the point when you finish the absolute first dra ft of your paper, it's prescribed to return to the proposal explanation in your absolute first section. As a theory explanation is a general impression of what the paper will be about, which implies you should make reference to the main thoughts which are talked about. Start by making a proposal articulation which must tell your peruser the objective of your article. </p> <p>Make sure that your last sentence is as solid as the rest of your exposition so you're ready to leave an excellent impression. Commit the absolute first section just to a solitary thought you will present in the absolute first sentence. A point sentence is the underlying sentence in a section, and it sums up the rest of the passage. Your theory sentence ought to give your specific attestation and pass on an extremely clear viewpoint.</p> <h2> The Appeal of Tips to Writing an Essay </h2> <p>Anytime you should form a planned article, you should begin with an edge contingent upon the parts beneath. Composing an exposition might be one of the most overwhelming parts of each class. It requires various strides to be made. Story expositions is among the most notable types of task, particularly at school. </p> <p>There are a few brilliant activities, yet you must follow your composition. For example, you might be composing an article contending th at people should drink less espresso. The only two things you have toward the start is an exposed piece of paper and a point you need to create. Normally, it is significantly easier to expound on things you know. </p> <p>Keeping a steady voice inside the body passages, and the rest of the article, is likewise an extra capacity that 6th grade instructors will be looking for when reviewing. On the off chance that your article is depicting a procedure, similar to how to make a gigantic chocolate cake, ensure your passages fall in the correct buy. Or on the other hand you're not feeling admirably, and composing is the absolute last thing you might want to do. </p> <h2> Finding the Best Tips to Writing an Essay</h2> <p>You'll have more opportunities to discover the appropriate responses from you instructor should you do it straight away. Despite what you pick, you are to have an away from of the subject portrayed. You ought to have your reasons, and our chief concern is that you end up getting an incredible evaluation. Have an educator or guide empower you to edit. </p> <p>For occasion, in case you're composing a body passage on the most significant thought tha t youngsters ought to learn not to dish out a lot in one region, you are going to need to introduce your supporting thoughts in a legitimate, clear route so as to arrive at intelligence. Simply, start by composing what you believe is fascinating concerning the subject you're alloted. You could have your subject appointed, or you can be without given rule to compose on the subject of your choice. Choosing an astounding subject makes the composing so a lot more straightforward. </p>

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A Brief Note On Police Brutality And Corruption - 2037 Words

My English Argument Paper Police Brutality and corruption is and injustice often overlooked everyday in the united states of america. Although a majority of police are just, too many and are not. The most disturbing part aspect is that most cops across the nation get away with doing these sick things to the public that they serve and protect some people may ask just how many are corrupt? The survey by the department Bureau of justice statistics found 26,556 cases of excess police force in just 2002. The point i m trying to make is the officers of the law should be supplied with body cameras so that complaints towards the law have more court evidence, over cops action or a suspect. This camera idea good go both ways, it could show the public what really happened before the people start accusing without knowing. The first argument for officers of the law that should where body cameras is that some background info to support this argument is police should record for their shift and off when their done with the shift. this should stop police abuse and unnecessary lethal force against the public. Everyone behaves better on camera is an excellent quote that shows how cops could be beating the crap out of you while you re in your , and the second you start to record them they will stop and say license and registration please sir. One of the first cameras introduced to the law was put in their cars. so that when a suspect ran off or drove off had evidence so thatShow MoreRelatedThe Revolution Of The Egyptian Revolution2676 Words   |  11 Pagesgovernment corruption. Although the regime was widely accepted by the majority of Egyptians, this revolution proved just how feeble the existing regime really was. Mainly, because of all the economic downturn that Egypt was experiencing due to the heavy c orruption that had engulfed the political system of the country under Mubarak’s leadership. This financial depression included: an increase in unemployment, constant rising poverty, social and economic inequality, and a very high debt. This brief yet highlyRead MorePolice Corruption9501 Words   |  39 PagesPolice Corruption: A Perspective View Into the Definition, Cause, Harm Randy Botelho BSLS Capstone, LS498-01 – Unit 9 Professor Odim December 17, 2011 Thesis Statement Corruption in law enforcement is not victimless and creates a negative perception of the United States legal system. Introduction There are few professions in the United States that are entrusted with protecting society’s safety and system of laws that have been established throughout the course of AmericanRead MoreA Proactive Approach For Preventing Corruption : Start At The Beginning3037 Words   |  13 PagesMastrofski Discussion Paper #2 A Proactive Approach to Preventing Corruption: Start at the Beginning Almost 40 years ago, William Ker Muir, Jr. proposed a theory that a good police officer is one who develops passion (the ability to reconcile using coercive power to achieve just means) and perspective (the ability to empathize with the rest of humanity) (p.54). Muir concluded his book by suggesting that in order to prevent corruption, police must engage in eloquent speech, develop a tragic perspectiveRead MoreAs A Kid, I Can Vividly Remember Sitting In The Back Of1988 Words   |  8 Pageslyrics reveal additional intentions and opinions. Rap music today continues to be a voice for the unrepresented youth, and offer additional messages beyond the typical motifs of money, drugs, and women. Although the history of rap may seem rather brief and recent in our country, the music itself represents the long-standing African oral tradition, and the societal struggles African-American’s experienced throughout history. A lot of artists came from poor beginnings, and tell of the common experiencesRead MoreThe Youth And Anti Corruption2508 Words   |  11 Pagesyouth on anti-corruption where these integrity camps will: A. Educate on the causes and consequences on corruption such as: i. Centralized political and economic power in the elite, ii. Poor social service systems; B. Teach the youth how to effectively fight corruption with their communities by promoting awareness of corruption within individuals, C. Instill an anti-corruption culture within the youth to: i. Alleviate corruption in their country, ii. Reduce cases of corruption; D. Be fundedRead MoreThe Vulgar VIP Culture2735 Words   |  11 Pagesthe Executive’s prerogative. 0.2.2 Scope and Limitations The researcher acknowledges the importance of this activity. However, due to the necessity of adhering to the word limit, the researcher has refrained from going into excessive detail. A BRIEF SUMMARY OF THE CASE In the case of Abhay Singh , the Supreme Court considered a successive series of issues which were highlighted before it by the amicus curae in the case that the term ‘high dignitaries’ in the Central Motor Rules of 1989 shall beRead MoreResearch Paper On Al Capone1952 Words   |  8 PagesChicago, and beyond, made him not only extremely wealthy, but extremely powerful. Eventually, he ran Chicago outside of the law, through means of terror, but also by appealing to the citizens and controlling the government. Although his time on top was brief--he was jailed in 1932, less than ten years after he took over the Chicago Outfit--, he assumed almost total control, something that no other gangster of his prowess had been able to do. Background: Alphonse Capone was born on January 17, 1899 inRead MoreLaw Enforcement in the 21st Century15936 Words   |  64 Pageser 1 ISBN 0-558-46766-0 Law Enforcement in the 21 Century, Second Edition, by Heath B. Grant and Karen J. Terry. Published by Allyn Bacon. Copyright  © 2008 by Pearson Education, Inc. st Chapter Out line INTRODUCTION The Themes of the Book The Police Function: Social Control and the Use of Force Policing Within the Rule of Law: The Challenges of Discretion The Delicate Balance: Crime Control versus Due Process The Levels of Law Enforcement Municipal Agencies County Agencies State Agencies FederalRead MoreEssay on Vietnam6962 Words   |  28 Pagesclassified as either sedentary or nomadic. The sedentary groups, the more numerous of the two kinds, are engaged mainly in the cultivation of wet rice and industrial crops; the nomadic groups, in slashand -burn farming where forested land is cleared for a brief period of cultivation and then abandoned. Both groups inhabit the same four major areas: the northern Chinese border region and the uplands adjacent to the Red River Delta, the northwestern border region adjoining Laos and China, the Central HighlandsRead MoreIb History Rise of the Single State Parties6245 Words   |  25 Pagesthis question 1B = 5 min (2 marks) -identify key figures, symbols, labelings on the cartoon -describe these figures you found and put into the message *don’t spend too much time, focus 2 = 15 min (6 marks) -highlight key ideas -choose to make few notes on scrap paper = similarities and differences -you can have 3 compare 3 contrast, 4 compare 2 contrast, or 4 contrast 2 compare *make sure Compare and Contrast are separate Common Limitations: ââ€"  Subjective (Language, Tone, Style) ââ€"  Proximity to Event

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Research Paper Topics for Research Paper - Microeconomics Topics For Research Paper

<h1>Research Paper Topics for Research Paper - Microeconomics Topics For Research Paper</h1><p>You can compose an examination paper for your next class at your college or school on Microeconomics Topics for Research Paper. In this course, you will gain proficiency with the subtleties of monetary choices. Your exploration paper ought to be centered around utilizing a specific hypothesis or model to clarify a phenomenon.</p><p></p><p>To plan for this course, you should be comfortable with ideas of Microeconomics. There are numerous controls identified with Microeconomics; and they include:</p><p></p><p>The first thing you should think about Microeconomics is that it depends on the general standards of financial matters. Despite the fact that there are numerous distinctions in Microeconomics points for examine paper, the fundamental standards are comparable. Fundamentally, individuals break down how a specific variable ef fects the general economy. That is the manner by which Microeconomics subjects for examine paper encourages you to see how a specific economy work and to pick up information on how it's making decisions.</p><p></p><p>Most of the ideas in Microeconomics are very easy to comprehend. Here are probably the most significant concepts:</p><p></p><p>Another thing that is commonly identified with Microeconomics is showcase division. It's the principle strategy utilized by economic scientists to gauge how the various markets are connecting. For example, in the United States, a discount advertise is comprised of organizations that offer their merchandise or administrations to shoppers. The customer cost of the item is very low.</p><p></p><p>One other idea of Microeconomics that is of intrigue is vulnerability. This term is generally utilized in political theory however it really alludes to two things. The first is the idea of vulnerability in the time dimension.</p><p></p><p>Tounderstand how to compose an exploration paper on Microeconomics Topics for Research Paper, here are a few hints you can try:</p><p></p><p>You should invest a great deal of energy into composing an examination paper on Microeconomics Topics for Research Paper. You can attempt to build your insight and handle of every idea by perusing other research papers. It would be useful on the off chance that you have a companion who is examining a similar subject to concentrate close by you.</p><p></p><p>In request to be fruitful recorded as a hard copy an examination paper on Microeconomics Topics for Research Paper, you should have the option to make legitimate reasonings dependent on your insight into Microeconomics. This can be testing in light of the fact that there are numerous themes that understudies need to comprehend. On the off chance that you are left with an issue, you can take a gander at your notes and check the sources, which would assist you with getting a grip of a topic.</p><p></p><p>Writing an examination paper on Microeconomics Topics for Research Paper ought not be a troublesome procedure. Be that as it may, it might take over two years to finish, contingent upon the theme you choose.</p>

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How to Select the Best Evaluation Essay Topics

<h1>How to Select the Best Evaluation Essay Topics</h1><p>How to choose the best assessment exposition subjects is an inquiry you need to pose to yourself before you begin composing your article. For most understudies, it is difficult to locate the best theme in light of the fact that there are such a large number of subjects accessible in the market. While composing your article, the principal thing you ought to do is tight down your choice to certain themes that you like and that accommodates your composing style.</p><p></p><p>Your research ought to likewise assist you with picking the best point. Request the assessments of your educators, partners, companions, and neighbors to get some thought regarding the theme. It is additionally acceptable to ask your folks and educators to get some more thoughts from them. Additionally, on the off chance that you have any interests, make an inquiry or two to check whether you can discover subjects ide ntified with those interests. For instance, in the event that you are keen on sports, inquire as to whether you can compose an exposition on the sport.</p><p></p><p>After you have limited your subjects, the subsequent stage is to decide how to compose the paper. Compose your paper so that it gives valid statements that would convince the peruser to peruse your exposition. On the off chance that you need to dazzle your exposition to the peruser, compose your paper as though you are composing a report or proposition paper.</p><p></p><p>When you are doing research on the best points, it is a smart thought to look through the web and experience a ton of articles identified with the theme. In any case, don't simply depend on the data gave in the article. There are still things you can gain from it. What's more, another smart thought is to peruse various surveys and analyses composed by the specialists who composed the articles.</p>< ;p></p><p>Once you have the data, you ought to compose the theme well. The best composing method in assessment expositions is to compose the theme as per the subject class. For instance, in the event that you are composing an article about games, you should place sports in the theme classification, and afterward you should include more data every subject class. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you are composing an exposition about the state of the economy, you should keep the primary subject and the fundamental subject of the theme in one passage, and you ought to sum up it in a second paragraph.</p><p></p><p>If you have no clue about how to compose an assessment paper, at that point you can visit the sites of some online schools and universities that offer you the best instructing strategies to assess your understudy. You can likewise counsel the books that furnish you with the best assessment exposition points. These two will most like ly assist you with choosing the best themes to assess your understudies. Since most understudies can't understand well, it is in every case better to give the task to another person to peruse your exposition and grade it.</p><p></p><p>Evaluation articles can be one of the most significant errands throughout your life. In this way, you should ensure that you can locate the best points to assess your understudies. It might be simple on the off chance that you follow the previously mentioned tips, since you will have a decent assessment essay.</p>

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Women During The American Revolution Essay - 1819 Words

Women during the American Revolution and It’s Impact in Improving Female Education, Legal Standing, and Economic Opportunities Barbara E. Zapata Fairleigh Dickinson University – Metro Teaneck, New Jersey Women during the American Revolution Table of Contents Introduction 3 Positive Impact of American Revolution for Women 4 Economic and Patriotism 4 Education 5 Women as Soldiers 6 Women’s Rights 6 Augmentative Paragraph 8 Conclusions 8 References 9 Introduction Historians once presumed that, since women during the American Revolution had limited or no political decisions, and demonstrated little concern in achieving the franchise, they were fundamentally apolitical members of the society. In the modern world, scholars acknowledge the fact that women played a leading role during the war and they were actively involved in debates, which accompanied the movement towards independence, and that the war expanded their territories in their political and legal roles. Furthermore, the male welcomed women’s support during the war that was a very instrumental move towards the expansion of the women’s roles in the society unlike in the past when women were restricted to household chores. As women filled important roles because of the shortage of men to fill these roles, like managing business and farms, the idea that females were lesser than males started to fade away (Bielich, 2008). The laws prior to and during the revoluti on did not acknowledge females as equal to men inShow MoreRelatedWomen During The American Revolution Essay1178 Words   |  5 PagesDuring the American Revolution, not only did men have to face the struggles of war time atmosphere, but women had to as well. The country during the war was divided into three different groups of people; the loyalists, the patriots and the remaining people who did not care. Catherine Van Cortlandt, a loyalist had to endure different struggles then the patriot women Eliza Pinckney and Abigail Adams. However, parts of their stories are similar when it came to their family struggles. CatherineRead MoreWomen s Role During The American Revolution3305 Words   |  14 Pagesrole was continually questioned during the American Revolution, when women expressed competency in many roles. While some females joined the war as undercover spies or soldiers, other women established activist groups to protest, campaign and raise funds. Solomon considers this war to be the opportunity for women to demonstrate their abilities in â€Å"public and private spheres† that could have implications in the latter movements. After the revolution, more women were contemplating their suppositionalRead MoreWomen s Rights During The American Revolution1961 Words   |  8 Pages During the American Revolution, most women stayed home and sewed and cooked for their family and stayed subservient to their husbands. Some women went a step further and went to the front and nursed the wounded. At that time, women were not allowed to do a lot. A lot of women fought for their rights. Abigail Adams, the wife of John Adams and mother of John Quincy Adams, helped plant the seeds that would start women and men thinking about women s rights and roles in a country that had been foundedRead MoreWas The American Revolution Revolutionary?1549 Words   |  7 Pagesextent was the American Revolution revolutionary, one must define qualifications to accredit such a revolution. Is a revolution defined as a complete and utmost overthrow of an established government by a new regime? Or is a revolution defined as a subversive change in societal values/roles that changes the structures of a pre-existing social order? Or possibly both? In light of both definitions, one can evaluate that the American Revolution was indeed revolutionary because American colonists wereRead More`` Revolutionary Mothers `` By Carol Berkin1194 Words   |  5 Pagesis a book written by Carol Berkin in 2005. The book mainly focuses women roles throughout the American Upheaval period. The purpose of writing this book was to help the reader to not only understand these roles but also apprehend the social/cultural norms throughout the struggle of America’s Independence period (Berkin 11). Berkin begins with a brief analysis of the cultural and social norms of women during the American Revolution era. Berkin then examines the way this era helped to change many ofRead MoreAmerican Womens History1293 Words   |  6 Pages1. The American Revolution impacted almost every aspect of Native American, European American, and African American womens lives. The American Revolution severely affected Native American women, especially agriculturally. They were the farmers and gardeners of their tribes and the war damaged the soil so much so in some areas that farming was rendered impossible. Most Native Americans, including the women, sided with Britain during the war. Each tribal woman grew crops, when possible, forRead MoreEssay on A Radical Revolution1343 Words   |  6 Pageswrites Rosemarie Zagarri, â€Å"is the story of how American women and men sought to define – and ultimately to limit and restrict – the expansive ideals they had so successfully deployed against Britain.† In this excerpt from Revolutionary Backlash, Zagarri depicts the extreme radicalism of the American Revolution, while also suggesting that there were some constraints to its extremism. Unlike the normal way of life in European government and society, Americans desired a nation in which the inherent rightsRead More Womens Roles During Ti mes of War Essay1307 Words   |  6 PagesRoles During Times of War Despite the prevalence of war goddesses in most traditions from China to Greece to Ireland, women have been separated from the front lines of war for centuries. Western tradition claims that women are not made for war, but for household work: sewing, cleaning, cooking, and looking after children. Society told women to carry brooms in lieu of swords; to collect firewood instead of ammunition, and to keep house rather than protect a nation. Yet, for centuries, women haveRead MoreThe Struggle For America s Independence By Carol Berkin984 Words   |  4 PagesThe book, Revolutionary Mothers, Women in the Struggle for America’s Independence, by Carol Berkin, was published in 2005. This book is a history book that focuses on women during the American Revolution years. Women played an active and vital role in the war, even though we are often not aware of this because most history books completely leave out the great contributions of women during the revolution. Ms. Berkin begins her introduction explaining her purpose and thesis for writing the book. InRead MoreRevolutionary Mothers Essay1620 Words   |  7 Pagesdone,† but today’s women live a far different life than their predecessors. The women of the revolution were courageous and brave-hearted. The obstacles of their time were far more difficult to overcome than those faced by women in this day and age. Whether it was slavery, war, or racial prejudice, these women kept their heads held high and worked to break down these barriers and create change for the future. On top of having to deal with these hardships, the women of the revolution had families to

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Do the Advantages Out Weigh the Disadvantages of Language Development in Bilingual Children Versus Monolingual Children free essay sample

The reason I chose to study language development between bilingual and monolingual children is while reading our text book,(Lifespan Development, Denise Boyd and Helen Bee, Fifth Edition, 2003, 2006, 2009, p. 137); It discussed the advantages and disadvantages of being raised speaking two languages versus one single language. Our texts states that there are many advantages and disadvantages to being bilingual and ask’s if the advantages out weigh the disadvantages later in life? Obviously, the big advantage of speaking a second language is how marketable that person will be as an adult in any career he / she chooses. The number of Americans that speak a different language other than english is growing, or they are very limited in their speech and understanding of the english language. So, the ability to speak and understand a second language is very bene? cial when put in a situation like this. On the down side, our text book states that, bilingual children hit their developmental milestones later than those learning a single language. They are behind monolingual infants in word knowledge no matter which language is considered. (Boyd , Bee, p. 137). This is thought to effect their writing abilities, and they may develop reading skills more slowly as well as a lack of memory tasks involving words. Even though bilingual children may hit certain developmental milestones more slowly, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages in that these children not only have a marketable skill later in life, they have learned how to overcome the language developmental challenges of learning two languages at the same time verses a single language. I have doubts about bilingual children hitting their developmental milestones more slowly as I have watched friends’ children, who are being raised in bilingual families, grow and have seen them interact with monolingual children with no delay in language development. One thing I have noticed, is that the toddlers’ and the school — agers’ seem to prefer speaking spanish over english and do mix the two languages as they speak. After reading this, I decided to see what my observations outcomes would be. I wanted to test the children and their memory on word knowledge, and compare both groups of children on their language development. I set up two times for the parents’ and their children to meet for play-dates, September 25 and 26th, 2010. On Saturday, we met at Loriella park and on Sunday, we met at one of the parents home. The time we met was at 11:00 in the morning so we could serve them lunch and I could watch them interacted with each other. This also gave me time to talk to the moms’ about how they felt their school age children were doing now that they are back in school. The children of the study were as follows: Alexis (female) and Alex (male) both 8 years old and in second grade, from a middle class bilingual family. Nico (male) 35 months — old, from a middle class bilingual family. Both parents are bilingual. Rosa (Female) 34 months — old, from a middle class bilingual family. Both parents are bilingual. Alyni (female) 7 years old, in second grade, my daughter, from a middle class monolingual family. Brendon (male) 7 years old, in second grade, from a middle class, monolingual family. Procedures used: On September, 25th I read the children a short story, (Starry Safari, Ashman, 2005) and asked each of the children separately and in private three questions. What is the story about? ; Who is the story about? ; And, What is this animal? ; Where I pointed to an animal on page 20 of (Starry Safari, Ashman, 2005). I just wanted to see if reading a story helped the bilingual children understand the use of the english words and remember its meaning. For the next test, I picked out three of the letters in the alphabet and showed it to the children while reading the story; Corresponding each letter to a picture in the story, L with the lion; M with the Monkey; And B with the boy. I wanted to see if the children would remember what each letter stood for at the end of the story. This was also done in private with each child separately. These questions were asked directly after the story, and the following day without reading the story ? rst. I also had the parents’ of the bilingual children randomly ask question in english to see what language their children preferred to respond with, this was done through out the weekend. After reading the story we went to Loriella park so I could observe how the children interacted with each other and what language the bilingual children preferred to use when at play. Procedure Results: As I observed the older children at play and during lunch, at both the park and at the home, the response was the same for both environments. I noticed that the bilingual children spoke to each other in spanish and when they had questions, asked their parents’ the questions in spanish. The parents explained to me that they usually did this because they were being shy, or they were confused about something. When the school — agers’ spoke to the monolingual children it was usually in english. Occasionally, they would misplace an english word for a spanish word. When the toddlers’ would interact with each other, the bilingual children would talk mixing their language and the monolingual children would usually look at the mother for an explanation, or they would just carry on in their play or whatever they were doing at the time. When the mothers’ of the bilingual children would ask them questions in english, e. g. , Do you have to use the restroom? or, Are you hungry? The bilingual school — age children always replied in spanish unless speci? cally told to answer in english. When I spoke to the moms’ about this in relation to school they both said that they would have answered the teacher in english, sometimes they’d get ahead of themselves and respond in spanish but 90% of the time it would have been answered in english. I asked why they thought this was and both said that, Even though both languages are spoken at home, they feel more comfortable speaking spanish, it is an easier language to learn. When these questions were asked to the toddlers’, their mothers’ would always ask in english ? rst and then in spanish, and when they responded, it too, was always answered in spanish, when told to answer in english, they’d hesitate and responded mixing the two languages and their mothers’ would correct the words they couldnt say in english. These words were usually the large words like restroom, hungry, or sandwich. When I asked their mothers’ why those words were harder for the kids, they said it was spoken differently in spanish, easier for the kids to understand. The example they used was, Bread with peanut butter and jelly on it versus sandwich. They also explained to me that the spanish language doesnt have a lot of words that have a double meaning and if they do they are asked differently. One of the moms’ used to be a spanish teacher and she explained it to me in detail, In spanish, the adjective usually follows the noun, it is the opposite in english, e. g. , I have to go to the restroom? In english; Turns into, to the potty I have to go, in spanish. Obviously the monolingual children; School age and toddlers, had no dif? culty in answering these questions. When I spoke to the mothers’ on their second graders performance in school, they both said that they were not experiencing learning dif? culties due to being bilingual. When I incorporated the tests. Both, the school — aged children and the toddlers’ seemed to enjoy the story. I read the story at the home ? rst, and asked my series of questions before we were distracted by the park. The school— aged children answered all the questions correctly and in english. When I showed them the letters, they answered correctly in english. When I asked the toddlers’, Nico needed help understanding the questions, so I had the mothers’ translate when needed. They did answer the questions correctly, but they answered with mixed language, and I needed their answers translated. When we got to the letters they did remember that, â€Å"L† stood for Lion, M stood for Monkey, and B stood for Boy. The following day, Sunday, I repeated the questions in private and separately again to see if they retained the knowledge. The school — aged children did very well and answered the questions correctly and remembered what each of the letters stood for. The toddlers’ were able to understand the english question better, and with less translation from their mother. But, they still responded using both languages. When I showed each of them the letters and asked if they remembered what they stood for they responded mostly in spanish. Rosa used RRRRROOOOOAAAAARRRRRR in representation for the L,† and Nico replied with Nino for boy. ( Nino is spanish for boy. ) Both were correct on M,† they both said monkey. When I compared my research to what is stated in our text I have to agree with the book. The text states, For example, bilingual infants receptive and expressive vocabularies are as large as those of monolingual infants, but the words they know are divided between two languages, by Patterson, 1998 ( as cited in Boyd, Bee, 2009, p. 137). This was proven by the bilingual toddlers. They have large vocabularies, they just mixed the languages. The school — aged children also tended to mix their languages depending on the usage, but not as bad as the toddlers. They seem to understand the English language, I think they just start talking and which ever language the word is easier to say is the one that comes out. I also agree with our text when it states, In preschool and school — age children, bilingualism is associated with a clear advantage in metalinguistic ability, or the capacity to think about language, by Bialystok, Shen? eld, Codd, 2000; Mohanty Perregaux, 1997 ( as cited in Boyd, Bee, 2009, p. 137). This was clearly stated when the school — aged children answered questions in english, you could see them concentrating on their answers to make sure they answered it correctly. The toddlers were similar but didnt think about for as long and then would just say the spanish equivalent. The memory skills of the bilingual toddlers seem to be slower at developing as the letter to corresponding animal proved. They understood the letter, but the word recognition wasnt there. Roar from Rosas response to L for Lion, and Nicos response to B for boy was the spanish equivalent, Nino. The school — aged children seem to do okay with the word recognition. The monolingual children had no problem with remembering the story, answering the questions both days and had no trouble remembering the letter and its corresponding animal again concurring with the text, Consequently, they are behind monolingual infants in word knowledge no matter which language is considered, a difference that persist into the school years. (Boyd, Bee, 2009, p. 137. ) Conclusion: In conclusion as to my research, do the advantages out weigh the disadvantages of bilingual children versus monolingual children I would have to say, yes. Even though, as the bilingual childrens language developmental milestones are hit slower, and they experience dif? culties, in the end, the advantages they gain by learning how to, Develop compensatory strategies that allow them to overcome these obstacles. (Boyd, Bee, 2009 p. 137) is worth it. The advantages to being bilingual as adults clearly out weighs the disadvantages in my opinion. Especially after seeing the accomplishments of the parents who werent a part of the study. The fathers were able to support a household on his own salary and the Mothers were able to be stay at home Moms. I think that bilingual children are an asset to the future of this society, especially with the increase of Hispanics in this country and to the people that only speak one language. This applies to all bilingual children no matter what the languages.